They say that a first impression last and it is particularly the case when it comes to your tenant’s first day in your rental. I have noticed that my average tenant will stay in my rental for two to three years or more, so I want to make a strong first impression that will last through their entire residence. Leaving a good first impression will help ensure they are thinking of me when they are about to put a myriad of holes in my sheetrock walls before they finally find the best place to hang a portrait or about to march through the carpeted den with muddy shoes. I have found these 3 simple steps to ensure my tenants respect the property as much as myself and keep an optimum property maintenance.

Stock The Home With Cleaning Supplies

Whether your rental is furnished or not, you will want to furnish it with cleaning supplies. A pleasant and aesthetic pail for debris in any bathroom and the kitchen is an absolute must. Also, leave plenty of cleaning supplies and candles with a refreshing smell. Your tenants might wind up replacing them, but they will know you like a clean home.

Leave Plenty Of Adhesive Hooks

I like to leave several plastic adhesive hooks for wall pictures in my rental for the new tenants. I usually place them in a small box with a bow with a little not that that welcomes them to their new home. Trust me; your tenants will use them. You will thank me and so will your walls.

Housewarming Present

Finally, it’s best to leave a small housewarming present. Something small and decoratively ambiguous. It should be quaint, simple, and something your tenants want to keep. My wife is crafty and makes candle holders. They go great with the candles I leave with the cleaning supplies. Having a small part of the tenant’s decor being a part of you will mean a lot to your new tenants.

Respect is a two-way street. Pay a little respect to your new tenants in the beginning and they will pay your residence a lot of respect while they live there. A little can go a long way and the first impression you leave them with will last.