How to Keep Up With the Curb Appeal of Your Rental Properties

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Many real estate investors assume that the only thing renters want is a clean, affordable place to live. However, this mindset completely overlooks the importance of curb appeal. Better curb appeal means higher rental rates and better tenants which means a greater return on investments as well. A big reason real estate owners don’t invest in their cub appeal is because they think it will cost them more than their budget can abide. The good news is there are many things you can do to improve your curb appeal that aren’t hard or expensive! Here are a few ideas to add new life to your curb appeal and make it feel more welcoming for potential renters.

Repaint the Front Door

The front door gives potential tenants their first impression of the property, and it often gets neglected. It can provide a sense of security, warmth, and trust. If the door is chipped or dirty, it will say a lot about your ability to keep up with the rest of the property, so be sure it’s clean and presentable. Consider painting it a bright color as it will draw people’s attention. 

Maintain Landscape

Make sure the front of your property is well taken care of even when no one is living there. Keep the lawn trimmed, snow shoveled, and landscaping neat. Don’t store old appliances or other items on the porch or front lawn. Consider using a power washer to clean the outside of the property. Each of these will help potential tenants see you care about the property and attract tenants that will do the same.

Update the Small Things

Although you may not have the time or money to invest in renovating a large area of the property, you can still make small changes that will increase appeal. For example, updating the door hardware or installing screen doors. Install a new mailbox or put up new house numbers. These small details will add a new life to your property and make it shine.

Partially Update the Kitchen

A full kitchen renovation is costly and time-consuming, but kitchens can make or break a property. Instead of blowing your budget on top-of-the-line appliances or brand new cabinets, replace a few small items to give it a new feel. You can brighten the space by adding new light fixtures or bulbs, paint or restain the cabinets, or add a fresh coat of paint to the walls.

Find a Focus

A great way to draw people in is by highlighting a feature of the property. For example, draw attention to the porch by adding a porch swing with brightly colored pillows. If there’s nothing exceptional about your property right now, add something! Installing solar lighting around walkways and the front porch can add a lot of appeal to your property.