Do you have a rental property you need to get ready for winter? While the winters in Silicon Valley aren’t as extreme as other areas in the United States, we will still have some decent weather patterns that can wreak havoc. As a property manager, you have a responsibility to provide your tenants with a safe place to live. Here are some Keyrenter Silicon Valley tips on getting your home ready for winter.

Start Early

Once you feel a chill in the air, it’s time to get started on winter preparation. Even though the weather patterns can change and its warmer one day and colder the next, the sooner you start on some home maintenance, the better. Simple things like cleaning out the gutters can go a long way to prevent flooding when a massive rainstorm rolls in and soaks everything in sight. Completing these tasks early will help to prevent damage during the winter months, and can keep costs lower as many contractors are more expensive to hire in the winter due to higher demands from unprepared homeowners.

Check the Roof and Gutters

We mentioned cleaning the gutters earlier as the gutters play one of the largest roles in the structure of a home. Gutters are responsible for pulling water off the roof and pushing it out and away from the home. Gutters can quickly become clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris. Clogged gutters will lead to problems when the rain strikes as the water could start flowing up and over the side of the gutters and down the wall of the home. When the water runs down to the foundation, there is a good chance you’ll be dealing with basement flooding. Check the roof for missing shingles or holes and use watertight caulk to repair and seal any leaks.

Winterize Pipes

If you have a sprinkling system, you need to winterize it. Drain water from the irrigation and sprinkler system and remove all hoses to prevent freezing and cracking. Insulate outdoor faucets with foam covers to prevent freezing and cracking. Check pipes in the basement to make sure they are insulated, especially those on the exterior walls of the home as they are likely to have an increased risk of freezing and bursting.

Fertilize Grass

The winter can destroy grass in a hurry. You need to fertilize grass for the winter months so it goes into a dormant state and grows back in the spring. Check on water drainage around the home and consider adding some gravel for areas with poor drainage.

Repair Window and Door Seals

As winter hits so does the cold air. If you do not have adequate caulking and sealant around the windows and doors, the heat will escape quickly. Caulk around the windows or hire a professional to replace older windows as single-paned windows will cause energy consumption concerns.

Service the Furnace

Hire a professional to check on the furnace and make sure it is working correctly. Replacing the furnace filter monthly will aid in cleaning the air, but it helps to reduce stress on the motor. Check on the fuse and connections between the furnace and the thermostat to ensure it is working properly.

Caring for your rental property as if it is your own home is the best way to avoid expensive repairs and high tenant turnover. Contact Keyrenter Silicon Valley if you need help getting your home ready for winter.