As a Silicon Valley rental property owner, you want to make sure that your property appeals to as wide an audience as possible: the bigger the tenant pool; the better. That means making your rental property accessible to the individuals who have a hard time finding rental properties that suit them as well as the general public. Making your rental property senior-friendly is a great way to expand your tenant pool and give the elderly another rental option. Property outfitting a rental property for a senior tenant might require a bit of effort, but in the end, it is worth it. Here are some tips to make rental properties senior-friendly.

Getting into the House

The entry to the property is an important area to focus on. If a potential tenant cannot even enter your rental property, the likelihood of their renting that property is slim to none. It is important that the entry be a “no-step” entry, but making this fix can be as simple as installing a temporary ramp. If you prefer a more permanent solution, you can remove whatever stairs and uneven walkways exist and repave the area with a smooth, concrete ramp.

Increase Lighting

Lighting should also be increased in the entryway so that seniors have the ability to see any obstacles that might be in their way. This is true of every area of the property. More light should be provided in every room. It should be especially focused on ramps and stairs. Additional lighting in the property’s showers would also be a good idea.

Senior-friendly Bathrooms

Making a bathroom safe for seniors is not as simple as increasing the shower lighting, however. Grab bars should be installed in the shower, the bathtub, and next to the toilet. These grab bars should not be placed at a diagonal this increases the risk of slippage. The floors of the bathroom should be easy to grip, but you can leave this accommodation for the tenant. They can buy non-slip bathroom rugs and other non-slip products. Installing a seat and adjustable showerhead in the shower is another great way to make your property senior friendly. One small change you can make to increase senior safety is lowering the water heater temperature to 120⁰ to reduce the chance of burns.

Senior-friendly Kitchens

A few changes in the kitchen will make your rental property the perfect home for a senior tenant. Additional storage solutions will make maneuvering the kitchen easy for tenants of any age. These solutions can include lazy susans, cabinets that open to pull-out drawers, and other solutions that make retrieving ingredients and kitchen necessities easy for all ages. Replacing the standard oven in your rental property with a side-swing or wall oven makes it much more accessible for seniors who have a hard time bending over, especially when carrying heavy food dishes.

Now Find Your Occupant

After you’ve upgraded everything for increased accessibility, go out and find a tenant to enjoy your rental property. If you need help with the daily management duties associated with your rental property, including finding and screening a tenant, Keyrenter Silicon Valley can help! We manage everything from 24/7 maintenance calls to drafting lease agreements! Call us today to find out how we can help you make the most out of your senior friendly rental property.