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Los Altos means “the” for Los and “height” for Altos. The city is situated between Palo Alto and Mountain View on 140 acres of land that used to be owned by Sarah Winchester. She was the wife of Oliver Winchester, who made the famous Winchester rifles. She sold 140 acres of her land to Paul Shoup who would later sell lots for homes to people who worked for his business, Altos Land Company. The area would become the six-block downtown center for business near Main Street. The city was a prominent rail stop until 1964. The town was incorporated in 1952 after a huge population increase following World War II. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, with the help of many friends, built the first Apple computers and sent the United States on a technology race in a garage in the area.
Los Altos, California Details

Population and demographics

City-Data says that there were over 30,000 residents in the community in 2014, an increase of nearly ten percent since the year 2000. Adobe, Permanente, and Stevens Creeks all start at the foothills of Black Mountain and cross through the neighborhood to head into the San Francisco Bay, north of the city. This medium-sized city is comprised of eight primary neighborhoods. The downtown area is a vibrant, diverse business district with more than 150 shops in a six-block radius. The median age of residents in 2014 was 46 years old with a median household income nearing $190,000.

The median cost of a home in Los Altos in 2003 was $973,000 but has since increased to more than one million dollars. Most homes sold for around $1,700,000 in 2014. Much of the community is inhabited by white American households with a large Asian influence. Nearly half of the city has a graduate degree, and a shocking 80 percent of the community has at least a Bachelors. Almost everyone living in this California neighborhood has his or her high school diploma and works in a white collar job. The city has a long heritage of Russian, Italian, and Irish influence as well as ancestry lines that include people from England. In the last 15 years, los Altos has enjoyed an incredibly low crime rate compared to the rest of the United States.

Museums and historical sites in the community

The local history museum offers events throughout the year for residents to participate in and watch. Exhibits like “Love One Another” and “Eichler Homes” are popular attractions for people who enjoy culture and rich history. At one point, the community was known for apricot production before the fields were claimed for housing during a growth spurt after the Great Depression. Hiller Aviation Museum is located just off from Highway 101 for easy access. The Computer History Museum is in nearby Mountain View. Several fun places to explore in Palo Alto include the Junior Museum & Zoo, the Cantor Arts Center, The Museum of American Heritage, and the Jehning Family Lock Museum.

Festivals and events

Gathering together is a pastime for people in the 251st largest city in the state. People love to come out and support the local businesses by visiting the Farmer’s Market, the Annual California Country Antique Americana Show, and the Fine Art Show sponsored by the Rotary Club. The Pet Parade is one of the biggest events in the entire history of the community. It has an extremely high turnout rate each year with hamsters, horses, and birds joining cats and dogs to show off every May. The Homecoming Parade and the Main Street Parade are two other downtown events the bring out the masses each year. On Thanksgiving weekend, the community enjoys a Festival of Lights Parade to kick off the holiday season. There is also a Halloween Festival that is gaining in traction with some of the younger professionals in the community.

Restaurants and cuisine

Whether you want something Mediterranean, French, or Italian, you can find a broad variety of scrumptious cuisine options to sample in the city. Sumika offers a Yakitori bar and Japanese skewers. Places like Cafe Vitale and Pompeii offer traditional Italian pasta dishes to make mouth’s water. Ambiance Restaurant, Tom’s Depot, Armadillo Willy’s Barbecue, and A Good Morning are popular American restaurants serving classics like barbecue ribs, hamburgers, and fries. For Mexican dishes, the locals often visit Estrellita Mexican Bistro & Cantina. Pho Vi Ha is a casual establishment with a kid’s menu serving classic Vietnamese plates like Pho Bo Vien. For a decadent treat, people like to stop at Gourmet Works for artisan chocolates and delectable creations.

Versatile shopping options

The community has a vibrant shopping district with a large number of specialty stores like BK Collections, Nature Gallery, Uncommon Threads, Present, and Village Stationers. Children love it when family members and friends take them to Kidizens, Kiwi Crate Inc., and Linden Tree Books. Shunzi, Yum Yum Tree, Vintage Bath, and Arabian Horse World are fun places to browse on a hot, summer day when you want to be out and about while keeping in the shade. There are several services like banks, interior decorators, and educators located in the same area close to Main Street. DeMartini Orchard is a fresh fruit and vegetable vendor that provides produce picked early that morning.

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