Keeping up with trends can help you keep up with potential tenants. Unfortunately, trends change quickly, and it isn’t necessarily cost-effective renovating your rental with every change in design. Nevertheless, here are a few trends that you can feel confident investing in.

Environmental Friendliness

Millennials are increasingly concerned with the environmental friendliness of their residence. This is an easy way to increase the desirability of your property. Rather than buying paint merely for the price or color, buy paint with low or no volatile organic compounds, and use energy efficient light bulbs. There are a variety of other ways you can increase the energy efficiency of your property, which is a scenario in which everyone wins. You help the environment, make your property more desirable, and you decrease the amount you spend on energy every month.

Natural Elements

A new design trend in 2018 is the use of natural elements. Materials like stone, copper, concrete, and granite have continued to gain popularity. These materials are easy to match with other hues, so this might just be a design trend worth investing in.

Copper Accents

Along with the natural elements trend, we’re seeing more copper accents in popular designs. The earthy hue of copper, combined with the natural elements trend, gives the environment a much more natural, peaceful look.

Black and White

Many of the 2018 design trends would be impractical to incorporate. Bolder florals and rich color palettes are trending, but those patterns might not appeal to everyone, and a rental home must necessarily be a versatile home. That being said, black and white are a timeless classic that is trending once again. The visual contrast will create a sense of balance and boldness, without risking a fall from popularity that many of the other current trends will likely take. Furthermore, it’s easy to incorporate just a splash of color to this trend by adding flowers or a painting.

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