Summer is fast approaching and it’s important to explore some things to do in your house. As property managers in Morgan Hill, we’ve seen every scenario imaginable. With a few tips on things to do, you can maintain your home, save on your energy bill, and have some fun, too.

Re-Set Your Thermostat

You need to look at things to do in your house now that the summer is bringing the heat. Set your thermostat so that it cools your home down appropriately. If you don’t already have one, install a digital thermostat so that you can do more effective programming. Set it for cooler when people will be inside and warmer for when there is no one home.

Change the AC Filters

You need to change the AC filters on a regular basis. While it should be monthly, the start of summer is a good reminder to get this done. If you have renters in your home, don’t expect them to do this.

Changing the filters will help to improve the efficiency of the air conditioner. It can also help to prolong the life of the AC unit so you don’t encounter expensive repairs.

Grill Outdoors

Grilling outdoors is something to consider over the summer. You don’t want to heat up the house any more than necessary, which means you should reduce your dependency on the oven.

When you look at things to do in your house, remember that you want to avoid anything that’s going to generate too much heat. If you do want to cook indoors, look at using a toaster oven or a crockpot. Also, when you grill outdoors, be sure to pull the grill away from the home to avoid fire or smoke damage.

Get Some Renovating Done

The summer is the perfect time to do some home renovations. A lot of people move during the summer because school is not in session. You might not have any tenants within one of your rental properties for a month or longer.

You can use this time to get in and make some updates, such as changing out the flooring, modernizing the kitchen, or even painting the walls. Open up all of the windows and make sure that there is a steady breeze whenever you are painting.

As you make these updates over the summer, you can then rent out your home again and potentially look at increasing the rate. All of those changes could have made your home more desirable and this allows you to ask for more money on the rent.

Set-Up Inspections

Home inspections are an important part of rental properties. Property managers in Morgan Hill can go into your property on your behalf. When you have tenants in place, it’s important to look at what’s going on – and when there are kids at home, the summer is the perfect time to do so.

You will be able to look at how the family is using the home and if they are following all of the rules you have in place. If there are too many people living under the roof for the have pets, you might need to step in and provide a reminder (or potentially an eviction).

Additionally, if there are maintenance issues, you can get them under control before it leads to more expensive repairs.

Create Safe Games for Kids

The kids are out of school and this means they’re going to be running rampant through the home. Make a list of kid-safe games for inside. When you hear “I’m bored,” you can give them the list to choose from. Have all sorts of supplies on hand so you’re always prepared for their call of boredom.

With a rental property, it’s important to remember that you’re still the property owner. If someone gets hurt on your property, you could still be the one liable. You should plan on sending a list of the kid-safe games to all of your tenants as well.

Remind Your Tenants About Rules

If you’re renting your home, the summer is a good time to remind your tenants about the rules. You should have dos and don’ts about the things to do in your house. Such things include:

  • Number of people who can live in the home
  • If pets are allowed
  • Various forms of redecorating permitted
  • Community rules that are in place

Summer is the time for fun and if you have a rental property, there are some things you should be doing to protect your investment and make it easier for your tenants to have a good time.

When you’re renting your property, Keyrenter Silicon Valley is a property management company in Morgan Hill to rely on. We’re able to help with more things to do in your house over the summer and conduct inspections as needed all year long.