Do you have a rough experience managing your property? Project management companies could be what you are missing. But, what do property management companies do? Discussed below, are the tasks carried out by property managers.

Property Evaluation

The company evaluates your house by running a detailed inspection of the interior and exterior of your home. A house manager compiles a report based on the findings of the investigation. The company also takes photos of your premises to form part of the report. Your property management company may recommend repairs and improvements which will help to maximize the rental rate and offer good returns on investment.

The company runs a baseline survey on the neighborhood by gathering data on different rental rates. It helps to determine the optimal rental rate in the area depending on the size and model of your property.

During the evaluation, the asset management company also discusses other factors that influence your rental rate. These factors include policies such as allowing pets, smoking, etc. Lastly, the house manager may install a lock box to preserve your property.

Marketing of Property

This is an essential part in property management as it determines how much returns you get from your property. The company prepares the home for rent by cleaning and improving the interior of the house. If your property has a garden, it may need landscaping by trimming grass, pruning flowers and repairing pavements.

The next step involves establishing appropriate marketing channels for your property. For people living in California, a property management company in San Jose will provide excellent marketing for your home. The strategies will include creating advertisements that suit the type of premises and the marketing medium. The most common marketing mediums include:

  • Paid and free property websites
  • Print publications
  • Using signs and billboards
  • Multiple listing services
  • Distributing fliers

A good strategy in marketing property involves other realtors to get tenants. The company can also set up a hotline where prospective clients can call and enquire about the property. Property management agents also meet clients to show them of different features and recommend suitable options.

The company has to update information about your property to ensure advertisements match the house on the ground. Major repairs and improvements should also be updated to allow reevaluation of your property.

Tenant Relations

Once your property has enough applications, your property manager will run a screen and select the right tenant for your house. The company performs a background study on the clients to determine credit history, identity, income and previous rental history. This information will help to rate customers depending on the results of the study. Tenants who do not meet the set criteria are informed.

When the tenant suits the requirements of renting your home, the company provides lease agreement then confirms the date the client is likely to move in. During this process, the tenant has to sign and agree to the guidelines. Your property manager performs a detailed inspection before the tenant moves in. More to this, the house manager signs a verification report showing that the property is in good condition before habitation.
Property managers in San Jose deal with tenants’ queries and complaints as one of their responsibilities. Any misconduct or violation of the agreement is discussed between your occupier and the company.

In case a tenant needs to move out of your house, what do property management companies do? They are responsible for inspecting the unit and file a comprehensive report on findings. The company will then provide the tenant with a copy of the report and estimates of any damages. Your property manager will also return rental deposits on your behalf after deducting damage costs.

Financial Management

It is the role of your property management company to collect rental rates from the tenants. In the case of delays in payments, your house manager makes follow-ups to ensure the tenant pays. Your company may enact fees to cater for late payments. It’s also the responsibility of your house management team to send out bills and receipts to tenants.

Apart from rental payments follow-up, what do property management companies do? They are accountable for the financial transactions involving your property. They also make payments on your behalfs such as mortgages and insurance. Your house manager also prepares detailed information on expenses and filing of invoices and receipts. Your company also plays the role of keeping history on bills, inspection reports, warranties, and leases.
Your property manager should communicate applicable tax deductions regarding your property. The company should also provide monthly financial reports showing a breakdown of rental income and expenses.

Property Maintenance

While your house is on rent, the tenant may propose a few repairs on the house. The property manager ensures the house remains in good condition by conducting repairs on minor faults. If your home requires extensive repair or remodeling, your house manager provides contractors

It is the company’s role to maintain a clean environment around your property. It does this by ensuring regular removal of waste, landscaping and general cleaning. Your house manager should carry out regular inspection of the home to ensure its safety. Also, your property manager should send periodic reports stating the condition of your home.When a tenant evicts your premises, the property manager is responsible for cleaning and conducting repairs. Besides, the company should collect the keys, replace the locks and place the property back into marketing.

Legal Requirements

In the event, a tenant has to move out forcefully, what do property management companies do? They act as representatives in court. The company should provide all the legal documents of your premises to the court in such a case. It is the company’s role to ensure your house meets all the legal requirements and you hold all the relevant documents about renting and leasing of property.


So, what do property management companies do? They evaluate your property for appropriate pricing. They also ensure your property remains in good condition by repairing, remodeling and cleaning your property. Most importantly, these companies help with financial management by carrying out transactions of your property. In cases where property law applies, asset management companies will perform the legal duties to ensure disputes settle.